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A photo montage of highlights during our first year...

On Thursday 8th March, we are officially a year old! 

It's been an incredible year of 'firsts' are some photos following our exciting first year, along with some before and after photos:

upstairs - 'before' (August 2016)

upstairs - 'now'

FIRST 'REAL' BUYING TRIPS - LONDON AUGUST 2016 - attempting to look professional;)

then on to London Fashion Week....(just a little intimidating)

First Fashion Show - Xu Zhi - Armani Theatre, Milan, Feb 2017

First Shop Window display....Jane had nightmares about trying to wrap this lot up!

FIRST of our many EVENTS - Meet the Designer - Uzma Bozai

First photo we were really pleased with:)  Go Wendy!

First Ducks to waddle in.....

First time with my husbands legs on!

FIRST TIME WE'D SEEN A 'POSING WALL'  Florence - June 2017

more poseurs;)

First time for a Mr. Whippy machine in a boutique - whose ridiculous idea was that?!

Lots of dogs come shopping, but Dennis was our first pug and he did pee on the rug!

First time our bag seen boarding a private jet!


Buying for SS18 in Paris...we had just seen a huge rat!

discovering an uber-cool new brand in Paris....Jane Rockin' it too....

More events back at the ranch....

or should I say 'Farmhouse' 

Pop-Up shops in both Oxford and London

While Deddington doubles in size....a few before and afters here:

shop without hats - 4th October 2017

shop 1 week later!

6 weeks later....

First time to 'cut the ribbon'

menswear arrives too...

first Christmas to gift-wrap for

looking good:)

many more rainbows ahead......


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