ERIBE Knitwear

Established 33 years ago, ERIBE is a knitwear design house and manufacturer based in Melrose, in the Scottish Borders. Thought of as a 'cottage industry gone global', they champion Made in Scotland, and have an avid fan-base around the world. 
Through years of listening to their customers and thoughtful planning, ERIBE has learned to create luxurious, quality knitwear that suits a variety of body shapes, skin tones and cultures.
ERIBE mix patterns, colours and natural yarns in an innovative way to create unique knitwear just for you. All their knitwear is made using knowledge handed down from one generation to the next, so that you can own a sustainable product which not only looks and feels great, but lasts for years to come. Crafted from quality, natural yarns such as lambswool and merino which is spun in Britain.