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Donna IDA visits the store

Denim designer Donna Ida inspires us at denim workshop last Friday in our boutique.  

It was fantastic to meet Donna and hear all about her journey.  She arrived in the UK from Australia, aged 25 and began working for a marketing company.  Struggling to find jeans to fit her curvy shape, she was telling a friend how frustrating it all was when she had a lightbulb moment and the friend (with the same thought) said "Why don't you open a denim boutique?" 

Donna spent months researching designer denim brands and within 14 months had opened her first store in Chelsea.  That was 10 years ago, Donna now has two successful stores in London and has become a regular pop-up at Soho Farmhouse.    

The team at Nellie and Dove are loving the high waist and the additional rise at the back that Donna has incorporated into her designs making them super flattering!



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