• Ortigia Zagara Perfume Diffuser 100ml

Zagara Perfume Diffuser 100ml

Introducing the Zagara Perfume Diffuser, a 100ml aromatic delight elegantly housed in our signature bottle, accompanied by natural reeds. As the perfumed liquid gracefully traverses through the reeds, it imparts a subtle and continuous bouquet of orange blossom and fragrant woods, enhancing the ambiance of your space.

With a total height of 18 cm, including the reeds, this diffuser adds both fragrance and style to your surroundings. Please be aware that the listed price covers the inclusion of 100ml of fragrant liquid, ensuring a lasting and captivating scent experience in your environment. Elevate your atmosphere with the Zagara Perfume Diffuser, where scent meets sophistication.

  • £40.00
  • £40.00