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Gen 1 - Mushroom White & Navy Vegan Trainers

  • £155.00
  • £155.00

🍄 Turning mushrooms into sneakers
GEN1 Mushroom is a new approach of sneaker making. Instead of animal skin and heavy chemicals, natural and plastic-free components (MushroomSkin™) are used to craft sneakers that are both respectful of animal life and the environment.

🐶 Vegan Credentials
Our GEN1 are proudly accredited VEGAN by PETA. This accreditation confirms the entirely cruelty-free nature of GEN1, assuring that no animals were harmed or exploited in the making of these sneakers.

🤝 Versatility at Its Core
GEN1 is the chameleon of fashion: from casual strolls in the park to impromptu urban adventures, they seamlessly adapt to every occasion. They are the go-to choice for those who value adaptability as much as aesthetics.

🌿 Low Carbon Footprint
Study by certified agency FairlyMade shows that the production of GEN1 emits 6.89kg of CO2, which is on average -78% less compared to an equivalent animal leather sneaker.

GEN1 is Handcrafted in Portugal

• Upper white biomaterial: 46% corn + 32% cotton + 22% PU
• Upper blue biomaterial: 64 % Viscose/Lyocell + 19 % Natural Rubber + 17% structural ingredients including mushroom
• Sole: 20% recycled rubber + 80% rubber [made in Portugal]
• Terry Lining: 75% bamboo + 25% polyester [made in Spain]
• Mesh Lining: 70% recycled polyester + 30% polyester [made in Spain]
• Laces: 55% organic cotton + 45% recycled cotton [made in Portugal]
• Labels: 100% recycled polyester [made in Portugal]
• Glue: Vegan & water based
• Box: certified cardboard [made in Portugal]

This model has been audited and certified :
• Peta Approved VEGAN
• USDA bio preferred


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