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 London based designer Sophia Alexia, found her passion for pattern whilst studying Printed Textile Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

With a grounding in design and artful printing techniques, Sophia Alexia was launched in 2015, bringing an array of unique and colourful resort wear designs inspired by her travels and childhood growing up in Cyprus and Mallorca, Spain.

 Sophia mastered her craft and eye for colour and symmetrical pattern which, today, remains at the brand’s core. Silk being the finest and luxurious of fabrics, Sophia found this to be the most beautiful of textures to work with given the print’s perfect and detailed finish, her designs feature across various formats of her portfolio including Kaftans, Dresses, Scarves, and Pocket Squares.

 Conscious of putting people and the planet first they use sustainable fabrics wherever possible. They strive to create timeless beautiful pieces that stand the test of time and to celebrate women of all ages and in all shapes and sizes.

"Each Sophia Alexia Piece is designed with love, to be worn and treasured forever". -Sophia Alexia

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