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Bathing Beauty created Jones The Bones products which specialise in mindfully manufacturing affordable and effective natural skincare solutions for everyday health and wellbeing problems. With a special interest in helping those with particularly sensitive skin.

Founder George Jones has thoughtfully formulated each product to help solve a particular problem. She draws on 20 years of clinical practice as an Osteopath and a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body to inform her formulations.

Each product only contains the ingredients that are needed to help with that particular problem. All ingredients are rigorously sourced from ethical suppliers.

The products are handmade at The Source, a collection of ancient agricultural building which nestle in the foothills of The Clwydian Range. An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The eye catching, gender neutral packaging is either reusable or recyclable. The boxes are made from sustainably managed, recycled wood pulp, and they feature original hand drawn illustrations.

Passionate about the products, people and the planet, every aspect of their business is carefully monitored, and in 2021 we are proud to start the process of becoming BCorp Certified.

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