Summer Holiday suitcase- Packing essentials

For ladies -

Breakfast/beachwear - whether you go for a colourful piece or something chic in black or white, make sure it’s floaty and easy to sling on - you don’t want it sticking to your suncream! comfy sandals or flip flops and our beach powder to easily remove the last of the sand!  For the evening really go for it!  This is your time to enjoy dressing up and enjoy standing out from the crowd ;-). Jewellery can be holiday inspired too - have a look at the intricate Ayala Bar collection and also the matt gold and silver sculptural pieces by FL Private Collection.




For men-

Make sure you don’t get lost on the beach with some funky printed swim shorts!  For the evening a block colourful linen shirt will be just the ticket to keep you cool and show you’ve made an effort!  A smart belt and decent holiday shoes (no crocs please!). Treat yourself to a fresh holiday scent…try our Thomas Clipper COAST fragrance for hints of citrus and guaiac wood…it’s divine!




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