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Autumn 2017 Colour Forecasting - NELLIE&DOVE

Autumn 2017 Colour Forecasting

Warm up! Warm up! - AUTUMN 2017  

Here are Nellie & Dove's top Autumn colour trends:


No. 1 =  RED ALERT:

With many shades and a perfect background for prints:  Combine strong plain colours to make the red ‘pop’.  Deep claret and vibrant red mix to make a statement, while softer shades like ‘red pear’, sit comfortably next to ochres and olives.  

Ochres - ranging from mustard yellow to burnished orange - historically humankind's first paint pot, these shades update to feature with confidence in quilting, velvets and embroidery.


A softer palette of grey shades - found in luxurious alpaca and cashmere jumpers, blended coats and accessories for the 'ahhhh' factor....



Our personal favourite, was a late arrival on the catwalks = GREEN:  a fresh choice - with glacier, forest and teal.  For a brave combination - add turquoise jewellery.  We LOVE!!!


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